Larry and Jutta Beard are the founding members of Heuberg Pugs. They have incorporated a team approach to conditioning, training, showing and raising their pugs. This team is made up of their daughters Gretchen Savoy, and Natalie Sweeney, son in law Charles Sweeney, grand-daughters Caroline Savoy, Molly Sweeney, grandson Owen Savoy and friends Marilyn Sanders, Meg Lockwood, Lynn Agin-Spence, Daphne Benton, Suzanne Smithson, Marie Manning, Barbara Johnson (Ember Pugs) and Kim Kwiatoski (Birch Hill Kennels). Each member of the group contributes not only their time and efforts to the improvement of the breed, but also specific specialties in training, raising of puppies, and showing in the breed ring, obedience, and agility.

Directly associated with Heuberg Pugs is Meg Lockwood of Locklan Kennels. Meg Lockwood co-owns, raises, trains and shows Heuberg Pugs. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and teaches individual and small classes in Poquoson, VA. She has the capability to conduct both the classes and individual classes virtually.

Heuberg Pugs has been associated with performance events from the beginning. The very first Pug, Homer, received a basic obedience title (CD) in minimum time. Numerous other performance dogs followed, highlighted by Ch. Heubergs Baron von Richtofen CDX (Bubba), receiving an advanced obedience title while taking high in trial.

In 2016, Marilyn moved to Texas after retiring. She remains a member of the Old Dominion Pug Club. In retirement, she continues to stay active with dog sports and confirmation. Her knowledge of training using positive reinforcement has been instrumental in the increased level of training that is exhibited by Heuberg Pugs. She stays in close contact, sharing ideas and information even though we are miles apart.

Marilyn is a member of The Pug Dog Club of America, Old Dominion Pug Club, Langley Kennel Club, Merrimac Dog Training Club and Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( She writes a training column, “Teacher’s Pet”, for the magazine, PugTalk ( With her knowledge of training using "clickers" and positive reinforcement, she has been instrumental in the increased level of training that is exhibited in Heuberg pugs.

When Meg Lockwood became associated with Heuberg Pugs, she brought her skills as an experienced trainer. She has exhibited this by her showing a variety of breeds to obedience, trick dog, scent work, temperament testing, agility, rally and lure coursing titles. She is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer and teaches individual and small classes in Poqousan, VA. She specializes in puppies and helps Heuberg Kennels with socializing promising show stock.

Her Locklan Kennel ( currently has two Heuberg dogs, Ch. Heuberg's Gilbeys Gin NA,NAJ,NAP OJP CGC TD(Gigi) and Heubergs Flying Monkey. Both of Gigi's children (Liberty and Rocket) have their Championship and agility and rally titles.

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